“…enough varied vocals to make Queen look like a troupe of old girls.”
- Ben Ohmart www.musesmuse.com

 Gemini and Remi award-nominated composer Meiro Stamm has created innovative and compelling original scores for TV, film, stage and digital media. Blending elements from many world cultures, his music appeals to a wide-ranging audience and clients like Shaftesbury Films, Breakthrough Entertainment, DHX Media, and PDM Entertainment.

 "I have always been fascinated by similarities in art from different time periods and cultures. It's amazing to see how different artists, separated by thousands of miles and hundreds of years, often give expression to the same idea; a single concept bringing forth a multitude of outward forms. I want to create music that does the same thing in reverse - takes many forms of outward expression and points to the inspiration within."
- Meiro Stamm

 “One look at his reel, and you can see the amazing diversity and talent he possesses. What you can't get from that reel is what a nice guy he is, and what a pleasure it was to collaborate with him.”
- Glenn Gaylord writer/director/producer

 As a dual citizen of Canada and Switzerland, Meiro qualifies as EU talent for international treaty co-productions within the European Union.

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