Soundtrack album to the films Bread & Kisses and Outward Gate.

Bread & Kisses
2010 Calliope Pictures
Written & Directed by Katherine Fitzgerald
Score performed by Paul Widner - Cello, Lesley Young - Oboe
Recorded & Mixed by Brian Nevin @ Keen Music, Toronto

Bread & Kisses won the Grand Remi Award for "Best Student Film" and the score was nominated for "Best Music for a Short Film" at the 2011 Houston WorldFest.

Outward Gate
2008 Calliope Pictures
Written by Stephen Kunc, Directed by Katherine Fitzgerald
Score performed by Parmela Attariwala - Violin/Viola, Paul Widner - Cello, Andrew Loken - Clarinet
Recorded & Mixed by Andrew McCready @ Keen Music, Toronto

Music composed & produced by Meiro Stamm
Album mastered by Alex Mine
Cover photo by Liliana Reyes

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